Year 4's First Camp Away from King's


On Monday, 22 August, the excited Year 4 students set off for our camp at the Christian Youth Camp (CYC) in Burleigh. On a cold and sunny winter morning, all of us waved goodbye to our parents and boarded the bus. After a short trip, we arrived at CYC and sat down to learn about our temporary home away from home. For the next couple of days we participated in fun activities and enjoyed delicious food such as bacon and eggs and pancakes. Some of the activities were giant SUPS (stand-up paddle boards), bodyboarding, initiative games and the amazing race. Initiative games were team sports where we had to work together with our team to meet a goal. The amazing race involved beach games like building a sand castle as big as the smallest person in our group. Every group had a plan about what we were going to do. Mine was to try everything, learn something new and encourage others.

Each night we would do devotions and praise and worship. The first night, Solomon spoke about us trusting others and learning to trust God. The second night, Ashlee preached about unity and how we all belong to God’s family. As the teachers prayed for us and the lights went out, we knew that each day would be even better. Our fun and games went on for the three days, and included lots of walking. Year 4 camp was the thing we had been waiting for all year and it was the best! We made so many happy memories! Thank you CYC and our teachers for making it fun and exciting.

Madison Lazzaro - 4RC