Year 4 Instrumental Concert 2022

Performing Arts

At the start of 2022, every Year 4 student was provided with a woodwind, percussion or string instrument to learn for the year as part of our Instrumental Music Immersion Program. They had music lessons each week as part of their enriched academic timetable and were encouraged to practise at home, to accelerate their skills. On Wednesday, 2 November, their culmination of learning was displayed in a special show for their parents and Year 3 peers. Our Year 4 Instrumental Music Concert was the perfect way for our young musicians to perform on their orchestral instruments and experience playing together in a band, led by a conductor. Our Instrumental Music Coordinator, Mr Genge, spoke to the audience about the value of learning music. 'Learning to read and play music is like learning a new language, a code, and doing so ignites the brain more than any other activity,' he said. Our young musicians thoroughly enjoyed the experience and their enthusiasm for producing music was evident. Thank you to our Year 4 parents for attending this event, and to our Primary music teachers for helping our new musicians on their learning journey. It was exciting to see how far their musical skills had progressed and we look forward to seeing some of our Year 4s continue in our College ensembles and lessons in the future.