Year 4 STEM Specialist Classes Learn About Force and Motion


Year 4 students learned about Force and Motion as they designed and
created a Rube Goldberg device for a purpose. Here is a short video
showing some of the fun and learning experiences they enjoyed:

Click here to view STEM Video: Force and Motion

A dedicated new STEM classroom in Primary school has been repurposed next to the Art classroom at King's Pimpama.  The students in Years P - 6 enjoy STEM specialist classes as they learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM in education fosters ingenuity and creativity in students.  This leads to new ideas and innovations.  It builds resilience and problem-solving.  It encourages teamwork as well as knowledge application in the learning process.  It enhances the student in the use of technology and vocational skills.

"We are all very confident that all the students will enjoy this flexible, new learning space and will be bringing their creativity home as they tackle and solve STEM scenarios in their learning journey," said Mrs Judy Clark, STEM Teacher, Technologies Coordinator, Specialist Lead Teacher and Staff Coach.