Year 5 Camp at Mount Tamborine


Year 5 Camp at QCCC Tamborine was an incredible experience packed with God encounters, facing fears, delicious food and strengthening friendships. Students engaged in a range of activities including the Giant Swing, Tree Climb, Circus Skills, creating bonfires, archery, and more. Our nightly chapels provided time for students to encounter God through worship and messages delivered by our incredible chappies, Jaz and Miguel. They spoke about the importance of having our identity in Christ and embracing our God-given talents and individuality.

"On camp, some of my best highlights were making new friends, building a better relationships with other friends, conquering fears, experiencing some breathtaking views, learning new skills and knowing myself better."
"On camp, I most enjoyed the giant swing. I thought I was going to cry the whole time, but in the end I screamed really loudly. The food was also amazing. We had burgers, nachos and lasagne. Archery was also really fun. There were little balloons that they blew up and placed around the target you had to try and pop. We climbed a tree and rang a bell at the top. Overall, camp was really fun and I had a great time."