Year 5 Camp


This year our Year 5 students went to Camp Goodenough in Tweed Heads. When we arrived, we had our first activity. The activities included a giant swing, team pursuits, a team obstacle course, crate stacking, and a high ropes challenge. Our whole camp was based on teamwork, encouragement, and responsibility. Students showed this by washing and cleaning our dishes every day and working together in all of the activities.

The meals at Camp Goodenough were exciting and delicious for all of the campers, including the teachers. During meals, some students were to serve the food. After every meal, we washed our own dishes, which taught everyone responsibility and care for their own belongings. Some students would also be on clean-up duty, which meant that they would have to tidy up the dining hall.

At the Year 5 camp, we did devotions every night. This is because the reason for the camp was to honour God and to get the students to step outside of their comfort zone. The first devotion night we learned about encouraging one another and building each other up by using positive thoughts. The second devotion was about sharing with one another, not just our belongings, but our feelings as well.

At the end of camp, everyone was very tired and sad that camp was over. Lots of people discovered that even if they weren’t in a cabin with their best friends they made some new friends as well. We have to agree that this was a very enjoyable camp and we all learned new things about each other and how to step out of our comfort zone. 

Camp is definitely something to look forward to!

Written by Evelyn Terhorst and Mandy Lin from 5PC