Year 5 Science Fair Impresses Judges


Year 5 students have been busy this term planning, hypothesising and conducting the science experiments they had designed to help the community using science and technology. From topics such as looking at the effect of background music on student learning, finding ways to help people with mental illness live a happier life, to reducing CO2 in the environment; the students all took a unique approach to their projects. Over the past few weeks, they finished and displayed their findings for the Year 5 Science Fair on Friday 19 August, as part of our National Science Week celebrations. The breezeway precinct came alive for the Fair as the budding scientists eagerly shared their interesting research with the College community. Special guests included Pre Prep - Year 4 students, a canine friend, and a number of teachers and parents. Staff from King's Science Department - Mr Flood and Mr Holman, as well as teacher, Mrs Tivinan - attended the Science Fair as guest judges. They were impressed with the exceptional effort that all students had put into their work and were very pleased to see their scientific inquiry skills developing. 

2022 Winners:

  1. Hudson Ross
  2. Ella Tierney and Addison Grieve
  3. Reuben Marais

Highly Commended

  • Ivy Kaesler
  • Emilio Richards, Hudson Gill, Noah Clement, Thomas Peach
  • Peta Fleiner, Shara Vanroon, Maddy Barrish, Zara Galaniha, Stella Snowdon
  • Zac Usmar, Hugo Murphy
  • Marisha Tasarz, Philomena Daric, Isla Browning, Isabella Markhoul, Ava Slade

Congratulations Year 5 on all of your hard work and intriguing discoveries and well done to our 2022 winners!