Year 6 Students Enjoy Cairns


In Week 8 of Term 3, the Year 6 classes headed to Cairns for our four-day school camp. It was an amazing adventure and a great way to celebrate our last year of primary school! Our cohort were split into four buses, each one going to a different place to explore. 

Throughout the week, we were privileged to experience the beautiful scenery from the Kuranda Scenic Railway and during the trip we visited Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures and learned all about crocodiles, as well as cassowaries, kangaroos and koalas. We took a boat ride around a crocodile lagoon while learning many astounding facts about their life. We even got the unique chance to see a crocodile get fed! Next up, we visited Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome where we all attempted a giant high ropes course and passed through a series of obstacles suspended high in the air. There we met another crocodile named 'Goliath' - he was a humongous 4.5-metre reptile - that was the highlight of the trip for many students. Despite some windy weather, we travelled to Green Island to visit the reef and wildlife. We started out by trekking through Green Island and learned about the Aboriginals who originally lived there, then snorkelled with the fish and other creatures that lived within the colourful reef and seagrass. Lastly, we visited Rainforestation and Kuranda. Rainforestation consists of many native kinds of plants that are only seen at Cairns. It is also a place filled with antediluvian and precious Indigenous culture. The Didgeridoo was an inspiring instrument with rich history and we learned that it was able to imitate any sound that was produced in the native environment. The amazing scenery throughout our trip definitely gave us all a greater appreciation of our diverse Australian habitat. 

Devotions were definitely emotional and life-changing. On the first night, we made three knots on a piece of string. Each knot represented one accomplishment, achievement or major event. In our small groups, we shared our three accomplishing stories and were able to make new friends as we got to know each other better. The second night, we each wrote on a piece of paper about something that was holding us back, and then we dissolved it in a liquid. We decided that we are no longer going to look back on our limitations or doubts but instead we are going to move on. The third night was spiritual and dramatic. The generous and phenomenal teachers and chaplains spent time praying and finding the right verses or words that represent each of us, and these messages really encouraged every one of us to continue growing into all that God has called us to be. The Year 6 camp was a spectacular experience for all of us!

By Bella, Michelle and Hunter (Year 6 students)