Year 6 Entrepreneurs Impress 'Shark Tank Investors'


King's budding Year 6 entrepreneurs have been working on a Business Plan this term as part of their Business and Economics unit. Students were tasked with creating a product or service that would contain sustainability principles. They then produced a business case with a plan to commercialise their product and worked on a 'pitch' for a team of visiting venture capitalists. All of the Year 6 students created fantastic business proposals and the top six were selected for King's Shark Tank culminating event.

On 24 March, the King's auditorium was filled with a captive audience of Year 6 students, who watched in anticipation as their peers presented their ideas to the 'sharks.' The three sharks followed with some challenging questions, but the students responded with confidence. Congratulations to our winning entrepreneurs whose product was called UV ZERO - Ariel Rerekura - Tamaiva & Ashlin Wheeler designed:

- An app that connects to a UV attachment to recognise where you have and haven't applied sunscreen, as well as 
- A sunscreen bottle that automatically ships you out a new bottle when it's nearly empty, ensuring that you are always ready for those sunny days!

Many thanks to our amazing 'Shark' judges, Mr Jason Knight, Mrs Strachan and Mrs Hope Malcolm, for giving their time and bringing their management expertise to help select our 2023 winners.

Mrs Renee
Year 6 Lead Teacher