Year 6 Students Gain Government Insights


Our future leaders of Australia have been working on their Project Based Learning with the question of “What impact does the government have on our Australian society?" As part of their current topic, students enjoyed a special assembly on Friday, 6 May, with three guest speakers from different levels of government. Cr Glenn Tozer was the first guest, sharing his insights as the Divison 9 Councillor at the Gold Coast City Council, while Mr Neil Baldwin (Miss Baldwin's father) shared his experiences working at Tweed Council for a number of years. Our final speaker for the event was Ms Ros Bates MP, who is the MP for Mudgeeraba and has been overseeing the largest electoral district in the Gold Coast for over 13 years. Thank you to our special guests for sharing their governmental insights with our Year 6 students, answering their questions and inspiring our next generation of leaders to consider a career in government.

"We enjoyed Mr Tozer speaking to us, because it was informing us about the importance of politicians and without them, our world would fall apart. It was nice to know someone who inspires us to become better and more helpful people. Mr Tozer talked about his responsibilities in Local Government and why he loves his job and how he was inspired to become a politician for local government division 9."
"On Friday, Mr Baldwin spoke to the Year 6 cohort. We enjoyed his speech because it was informative to our learning this term about government and federation we learnt a lot about how he started politics and his passion in his chosen field, his successes and things that make his job great."
"We really enjoyed hearing Ms Ros Bates speak to our cohort. She talked about why she began in politics and when you see a problem in society, you should do something about it. It was an incredible experience and we learnt so much information about her life and the State government."