Year 6's Exciting Shark Tank Experience


Our Year 6 students have been working on a Business Plan this term as part of their PBL Sustainability topic. Students began by exploring the purpose of businesses and the different ways they provide goods and services. Then they investigated an economics or business issue, challenge or event, and were tasked with creating a product or service that would promote sustainability. They wrote a business case with a proposal to commercialise their product and then worked on a 'pitch' for a team of 'venture capitalists.' The students created some fantastic business proposals and the top one from each class presented theirs at the Shark Tank culmination event on Thursday, 31 March. The Year 6 students watched on in anticipation as their peers presented their ideas to the three ‘sharks’ who followed with some challenging questions. Every student presented their ideas clearly and responded to the judges with confidence. Congratulations to our winning entrepreneurs Abi, Maddison, Morgan, and Charlize with their subscription-based website Fun Fitness, targeted at female athletes and promoting exercise, healthy eating and hair products and styles for sport.

Many thanks to our amazing 'sharks' - Mr Tom Wilson, Ms Lucy Batt and Mr Joshua Easton - for giving their time and bringing their business expertise to help select our 2022 winners.