Year 6 Students' Sustainability Showcase


In Week 7 of Term 4, our Year 6 classes held an Energy Expo in the auditorium to showcase their Project Based Learning exhibitions. The students started the term by selecting a form of energy to study, then worked in small groups to research and explore more about that energy source to consider it's benefits and long-term sustainability. From coal to fossil fuels, wind farms, solar power, and more, the exhibition provided the Year 3-5 student visitors and parent attendees with some interesting information, presented in an exciting and interactive way. The lively ‘TEDish talks' were presented by some enthusiastic and confident students, who took to the stage to share brief snippets of their findings with the audience. This topic was designed to inspire our young people to make our world a better place by understanding different types of energy and it's impact on our planet. Year 6 students excelled in researching and displaying their findings and we congratulate them for finishing their Year 6 learning in such a positive way.