Year 6s Continue to Learn About Government


On Friday 20 May, the Year 6s were blessed to have a visit from our MP for Coomera, Michael Crandon. He came to our school to talk to Year Six about Government history. He spoke about ‘The White Australian Policy’ and how that affected Australia. He also spoke about what his position in parliament is like.

Mr Crandon was telling us about how he and his parents immigrated from England and his parents paid only 10 pounds each to go on a boat to Australia for 5 weeks from England. This was known as the 10-pound pom scheme in 1945. 

Michael had a special book that he presented to us, called Parliament Buildings of the Commonwealth. This book is one of a kind because you can not purchase this book in Australia. He got a copy specifically for all the schools in his area. 

We enjoyed his visit very much. It was very interesting hearing him talk about Australian history and we are very grateful for the book he awarded us with.

By Annabelle, Sienna and Olivia 6PC