Year 6's High School Orientation


Our Year 6 students' primary school journey is drawing to an end and emotions are running high, but as they experienced their first taste of high school life during our High School Orientation this week, it was great to see them grow in confidence and excitement for the year ahead. It was also wonderful to welcome Year 6 students from a number of other primary schools, who will be joining our King's community for high school in 2022. The cohort came together for a program of fun and informative activities to help them feel better prepared for Year 7. Every new student was paired with a current student and spent the morning in their House groups learning to read timetables, use locker padlocks and familiarise themselves with King’s campus during a lively scavenger hunt. It was great to see the comradery and maturity of the students who are almost ready for the next exciting milestone in their learning journey.