Year 6’s Thrilling Cairns Adventure


Our Year 6 students journeyed to Cairns during Week 4 of Term 3 for an exhilarating experience that will be etched in their memories forever. The tropical paradise of North Queensland became their playground as they embraced the theme 'Into the Deep' for an unforgettable camp expedition. Throughout the week, our young adventurers were treated to a whirlwind of adrenalin-charged activities that left them braver than ever before. From exciting encounters at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure to a mesmerizing exploration of marine life at the Cairns Aquarium, their days were full of excitement. The Zoom Wildlife & Adventure Dome pushed their limits, and presented fun challenges that fostered courage and camaraderie. But the real highlight of their final Primary School camp was a mesmerising encounter with marine life on the Great Barrier Reef. There they snorkelled amidst vibrant corals and took a trip on the semi-submersible glass-bottom boat to enjoy a portal to the underwater realm while an informative lesson from a real Marine Biologist unveiled more about the reef's mysteries. 

Beyond their adventures, the cohort enjoyed quieter moments of reflection and spiritual growth in their evening devotions. Devotions are the important the heart behind King's camps Our Chaplains imparted profound messages and moments of worship that enabled our students to have time and space with God. Our Year 6 students brimmed with gratitude from the camp and thanked their teachers for their amazing experience. As they returned to school this week, photos circulated and memories of Cairns reverberated. Their 2023 expedition had unveiled not only the breathtaking beauty of nature but also the boundless potential they held, promising a future enriched by faith, courage and unity.