Year 7 Camp 2022


Our Year 7s returned from their first High School camp on Wednesday, 9 March, after an amazing three days at QCCC Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast. The action-packed camp program involved adventurous challenges that increased the students' self-confidence and helped them develop stronger friendships for their High School journey ahead.

Year 7 student, Thomas Beakley, shared more about why he loved his first High School camp:

"2022's Year 7 camp was a tremendous success. On arrival, we explored and familiarised ourselves with the surroundings of QCCC Mapleton. Then it was time to participate in a variety of adrenaline-filled activities. There were the freakish heights of the abseiling tower and the Leap of Faith, accompanied by the dizzying speeds of the Giant Swing and Glider Possum. We also enjoyed less death-defying recreational pastimes, like archery, canoeing, and relaxing in the pools. Throughout the day, we were so well catered for by the extraordinary QCCC team. Following the evening feast, students were ready to tackle Tribal Wars, cheering themselves hoarse with Finney becoming victorious. To end off the night, students again raised a cacophony throughout Devotions. The camp was a clear highlight of our first term in high school and students will be eternally grateful to the hardworking King’s staff, who gave up their own time to make this memorable trip possible."