Year 8 Camp 2022


With an unconventional start to school in 2022, our Year 8 students were even more excited than usual for their school camp in Week 7 of Term 1. This year, they travelled north to the picturesque location of Alexandra Heads on the stunning Sunshine Coast, where they stayed at the Alexandra Park Conference Centre and enjoyed a variety of exciting experiences.

Alessia Ulpiano and Didier Liddell, gave an account of their 2022 camp highlights: 

"Year 8 camp was one of the best experiences we have ever had with our school friends. We enjoyed a whole variety of different activities, predominantly at the beach, which was perfect for cooling off in the hot, sunny weather. Archery, team initiatives and high ropes were our exciting land-based activities before we headed to the lake for raft building and stand up paddleboarding. Raft building was definitely a highlight, especially as our raft stayed in one piece! The beach and pool were where we'd often be found body-boarding, playing beach volleyball and laughing our way through pool-noodle races. The food was great after our long days in the sun and the apple crumble was exceptional! Tribal Wars was another favourite and we had many House games in the pool and the meeting hall. But the icing on the cake was playing supersized Hungry Hippos on night two (with lots of cheating by teachers in the final round). Finney brought it home with their high energy war cry, ending Tyndale's three-year reign at Year 8 camp... go Finney! 

The interactive evening devotions were another highlight and on night one the girls had a pamper party, wearing their PJs and enjoying refreshing face masks and squishing shaving cream in our best friends' faces. Chappy Liv brought a great word on the night about how Jesus is the ultimate gentleman. We all combined for night two devotions, where Mr Muir shared an amazing word about our hearts and our growing relationship with Jesus. The night ended with people being prayed for, not only by the amazing Chaplains but by teachers and friends alike. Year 8 camp will truly be one to cherish, and we couldn’t have asked for a better time!"