Year 8 Food Technology and Textile Design (FTTD)


Year 8 FTTD students spent the first four weeks of class making themselves an apron to use in their cookery lessons in the second half of the term.  

As this is a rotational subject, students get a brief insight into the subject, where they learn practical skills in textiles and cookery. Most students had never sewn before, so producing an apron from start to finish was a very rewarding experience. Hopefully, this has sparked interest in sewing and some students will take on further projects to perfect their skills.

They wore their aprons during their first practical cooking lesson last week. The topic they will investigate in the coming weeks is “Reducing Food Waste”. The students will consider ways to reduce food waste in the home by cooking or using the top six food waste items in different ways.

Mrs Jennie Lubbe
FTTD Teacher