Year 8's 'Tremendously Memorable' Camp


King's Year 8 students enjoyed their action-packed and sun drenched school camp at Alexandra Park Conference Centre on the Sunshine Coast from 6 - 8 March. Complete with beach games, surfing, High Ropes, raft building, archery tag and pool games, there was certainly something for everyone. Throughout the three days, students were challenged and supported as they stepped out of their comfort zones to build greater grit, determination and confidence, strengthen friendships and grow in their personal relationship with God. Congratulations to TYNDALE for taking out this camp's Norm Rix Shield after successfully winning the Tribal Wars House games competition.

One of our students reported on the cohort's incredible camp experience:

"Year 8 Camp, better described as ‘Camp Grit,’ was a tremendously memorable time for our cohort as we enjoyed the chance to participate in various thrilling activities. While our ventures were predominantly water-based, high ropes were the highlight of our land activities. In this session, students showed guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity when facing the intimidating heights that the challenge held. The standout of the many aqueous activities was undoubtedly raft building. During this designated time, students recruited life-long necessities including survival skills, teamwork and bravery as we were tasked with navigating the lake on our impromptu raft. The evenings were competitively energised with the high-stakes house challenges - Tribal Wars. The four Houses participated fiercely through the war cries and multiple other events such as tug of war, gross-food eating and pillow fights. There was strong competition between Houses, however, first place was eventually Tyndale’s and we would like to congratulate them. Throughout our stay, we were delightfully surprised by the meals provided by the amazing staff at Alex Park, organised by our camp coordinator, Mr Sutherland. Nights were concluded with wondrous devotions guided by our chaplaincy team, allowing time for students to grow their faith and character. Camp Grit was a monumental success and we continue our high school journey of character-building and personal growth."
Watch the Year 8 Camp Video