Year 9 Geography Biomes Field Trip

Yr9 Biome 5

It was an early start to the school day for the Year 9 Geography students on Tuesday, 9 March. At 8.15 am we all set off to the Currumbin Valley and surrounding area to study the biomes of the Gold Coast. 

Mt Cougal National Park was the first stop to explore the sub-tropical rainforest biome. Here students completed field sketches and collected data for their fieldwork report using our newly-acquired equipment: a densitometer, to calculate canopy cover; a soil meter, to determine PH and moisture levels; a wind meter, to determine how strong the wind was blowing; and a wet/dry thermometer, to determine temperature and humidity. The students were extremely professional in the way they collected their data to ensure the integrity of their assessment. Further stops were also made at Beree Badalla Reserve in Palm Beach to look at a mangrove biome and Currumbin Beach as an example of a coastal biome.

Students are now required to collate the data they gathered and evaluate the impact of humans on our local biomes - I look forward to seeing their reports and recommendations in a few weeks.

Mrs Cassie Grimes
Humanities Teacher