Year 9's Authentic Japanese Experience


On Thursday, 24 March, our Year 9 Japanese students went to Donto Sapporo in Bundall to enjoy the flavours of Japanese cuisine as a class excursion. They made us proud when they combined their classroom learning with a real-life experience by ordering drinks and using excellent table manners. On return, some students wrote about their authentic Japanese learning experience:

"During this term, we learned about Japanese dining and cuisine, along with vocabulary to go along with it. This all culminated in an excursion to an authentic Japanese restaurant called Donto Sapporo. At the restaurant, we ate Japanese food such as ramen, karaage and sashimi."
"Donto Sapporo had a large variety of food that all tasted amazing. I had never been to a proper Japanese restaurant so this was a great first experience for me and I will definitely be going there with my family sometime in the future!"
"Going to Donto Sapporo was a cool experience to do as a class. The staff working there were friendly and kind to us. It really gave a traditional Japanese restaurant vibe and I liked how they had many small details which you would find in Japan. Overall it was a really good experience and I am happy that I chose Japanese as one of my electives for this year."
"The restaurant was very aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. The service was very good and also very fast. The food was amazing and tasted wonderful and they also set it out nicely. We even got to order drinks and speak some Japanese to the waiters... I definitely want to go again!"