National Science Week at King's 2022

College Life

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. This year’s theme was 'Glass: More than meets the eye' and was based on the UN's International Year of Glass. It celebrated the many roles that this incredibly useful material plays in our lives – from phone screens to optical fibre to glassware in labs. The topic also focused on the use of substituting plastics for glass, as a part of our sustainable future. King's enjoy participating in this national initiative every year as a way to explore the incredibly complex and interesting world God has created, through the lens of science.

Once again, our Main Library collaborated with King's Science Department to facilitate interactive science activities during lunch breaks in the library's communal space. The team, led by Mr Flood, also hosted science experiments in the Years 7 - 9 assemblies this week and presented an extravagant Science Show during lunchtime on Thursday, where spectators watched objects exploding off the C Block balcony, with the help of liquid nitrogen. In Primary, students enjoyed incursions with presenters from Street Science, where they built and launched their own mini rocket ships. To cap off another incredible National Science Week, our Year 5 students exhibited their Science Fair projects for our school community (read more about this story via the button below).

Year 5 Science Fair