House System


Mathematician, Nobel Prize

Rayleigh House is the colour red and has the eagle for its symbol.

It was named after Lord (Baron) Rayleigh. Lord Rayleigh (1842 – 1919) was born in Essex and was educated at Cambridge where he graduated with high honours in mathematics in his final examination. He was an outstanding Christian scientist who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1904 for his discovery of argon gas. He was the leader of the Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge as successor to James Maxwell, himself a great Christian scientist. Rayleigh also researched a wide variety of physics including light, sound, electromagnetics and hydrodynamics.


Evangelist, lawyer and professor

Finney House is the colour blue and has the shark for a symbol. It was named after Charles Finney.

Charles Finney (1792 – 1875) was born in Connecticut, USA. He studied to become a lawyer, and it was while he was practising law that, at the age of 29 years, he saw the truth of the word of God and became a devout believer. He was the most prominent person among the hundreds of travelling preachers of repentance and faith. He was also a leader in the anti-slavery movement of America. Lawyer, college professor, pastor and evangelist – Charles Finney’s ministry saw over one million people converted to Christ. Everywhere he went spiritual life burst into flame and touched whole communities with the Gospel.


Scientist and Christian scholar

Newton House is the colour yellow and has the lion for a symbol. It is named after Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) is famous for his discovery of the law of universal gravitation, the formulation of the three laws of motion and he also developed calculus, now a basic tool in every science. As an astronomer, he constructed the first reflecting telescope.
This man of gigantic intellect was a genuine believer in Christ as his Saviour and in the Bible as God’s Word. He was a committed believer from his youth, he wrote many books on Biblical subjects, especially prophecy. He also wrote a paper refuting atheism and defending the Bible.


Bible translator and linguist

Tyndale House is the colour green and has the bear for a symbol. It is named after William Tyndale.

William Tyndale (1492 – 1536) was born on the Welsh/English border. He was one of England’s most notable leaders of the Protestant Reformation. He is famous for his translation of the Bible from Greek to English. Tyndale translated the New Testament of the Bible to help make it easier for people to understand, but was unable to get it published in England. After a visit to Martin Luther in 1524, he finally had it printed in Germany and smuggled copies into England.
He was accused of heresy and was burned at the stake in October 1536.