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Primary Leadership

King's believes that every student can be a leader in their chosen field, and be a person of influence in their generation. From Prep students helping preschoolers on their Orientation Day to Primary Captains representing the College, leadership development is an integral part of every area of King's.

Prep leader
Prep students support and guide Pre Prep children as they transition to school

Primary Leadership Program

In Year 6 - the last year of Primary School - all our students are given the opportunity to become school leaders. Students are taught basic leadership principles such as initiating, encouraging and organising. All students who pass the leadership program are awarded badges, which are pinned to their school uniforms.

Our Leadership Program is founded on the principle that true leaders are servants. Each Year 6 student serves their College community in a variety of ways including our Peacekeeper program. The program provides an opportunity for student leaders to assist the duty teachers in organising games and activities for the lower primary children. This enables the students to develop lifelong skills such as patience, problem solving and conflict resolution. Students are also required to submit an assignment each semester detailing their works of service as well as reflecting on their own leadership journey.


Each year, the Primary School elects a boy and a girl School Captain, two Leadership Captains, two Executive Captains, House Captains for our four sporting houses and Cultural Captains in disciplines such as Dance, Music, Chess and Cheer.

Primary Captains

The School Captains represent the school at formal occasions and speak at important events throughout the year.

House Captains lead their teams at carnivals such as swimming and athletics, encouraging maximum participation and leading by example. They also provide leadership during other house competitions throughout the year as well as at organised events.

Student Executive

Two students from each class in Years 3 - 6 are elected to be on the Primary Student Executive each year. Two Executive Captains are also elected from the Year 6 students. These Executive Leaders participate in assemblies, chapels, Christian Living lessons, and other organised events.

Competitions are organised to promote a clean environment, friendships, special days and social skilling. The Student Executives are asked to give input into the visual impact of the school. Student Executive members look out for the other students displaying 'servant-heart' attitudes and recognise them with appropriate rewards at assemblies.