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Information and Communication Technology

Technology at King’s is an ever evolving and changing landscape. We are proud that our College is a leader in the use of Information Technology.

We integrate this technology into all areas of our curriculum as we cater for individual learning styles, facilitate communication, increase motivation and empower our learners.

Our students in Year 5 onwards will use a combination of iPads and Macbooks as part of our 1:1 program, while students in Prep to Year 4 will have access to iPads and iMacs in their classroom. This technology is used when it enhances the delivery of the curriculum. On other occasions, the 'old fashioned' methods are still the most effective. Students also have access to still digital cameras, video cameras, and iPods.

Our Primary Resource Centre is also equipped with 30 iMac computers where the students come for specialists lessons each week in the area of ICT and Multimedia skilling.

Each of our classrooms is also equipped with either a data projector or a flat-screen TV. Our Learning Management System offers staff and students’ access to daily notices, units of work, homework, assignments and other resources.

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