International Enrolment

International Enrolment

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2019 King's International Student Enrolment Guide

Application Procedure

Online International Student Application

1. Complete application form

Please complete the online application form, answering ALL QUESTIONS. Please include:

  • Copy of passport
  • Academic reports - last two years (officially translated into English)
  • Release letter - from current school if transferring from another Australian school
  • Awards - any academic, sporting, extracurricular awards (if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation from school Principal (if possible)
  • Current Visa documentation
  • Proof of relationship for living arrangements - if student will live with close family members
  • All professional reports/assessments for medical conditions and learning difficulties

This form should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete, providing you have all supporting information at hand.

2. Acceptance letter & written agreement issued

If a place is available in the appropriate year level and the application is successful, a letter of offer will be issued to the applicant. Along with the letter of offerthere will be a written agreement and an invoice quoting one year’s fees. To accept the offer, the written agreement must be signed by parents and returned to the college before paying fees.

3. Payment of fees

When you receive a letter of offer and you wish to accept, please confirm by returning the signed Written Agreement followed by payment of the required fees as outlined in the invoice. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

4. Student visa documents issued

When the Written Agreement has been signed and returned and the payment of fees has also been received, the documents needed for a student visa application can be issued. The documents include an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE) and a welfare/accommodation approval (CAAW). These forms can be taken to your agent or directly to any Australian Department of Home Affairs to apply for a student visa.

5. English language assessment

After meeting all the initial entry requirements, the applicant must successfully complete an English langauge assessment before being able to commence enrolment. It is necessary to contact the International Student Registrar to make an appointment for an English language assessment once a student has arrived in Australia and prior to commencement of enrolment.

6. Interview with Principal

A student must also complete a successful interview with the Principal BEFORE commencing their enrolment at King’s. Please contact the International Student Registrar after arrival in Australia to arrange an appointment for the interview.

7. Arrange homestay and airport pick up

When a student visa has been issued, it is important to notify the college of the date and time of arrival in Australia so that appropriate homestay accommodation and airport pick-up can be organised. If the date of travel or commencement changes, please notify the college immediately.Should you encounter any problems, please contact our International Student Registrar, Mrs Rachel Collins, who will be happy to assist you.