International Entry Requirements

Most overseas students require ELICOS* before commencing their studies in an Australian school. There are several reputable language colleges on the Gold Coast that we are happy to recommend for school-aged students.

After students have reached the necessary competency in the English language to be integrated into mainstream classes, King’s Christian College continues to support with the English language support program (ESL)*. This program provides individual attention for international students.

Based on NLLIA* bandscales and assessment by King’s Christian College staff, a guide for approximate English language requirements enabling a student to gain direct entry to mainstream classes would be as follows:
Years 1-7 NLLIA Level 3/4 (IELTS* 4)
Year 8 NLLIA Level 3.5/4 (IELTS* 4/4.5)
Year 9 NLLIA Level 3.5/4 (IELTS* 4/4.5)
Year 10 NLLIA Level 4 (IELTS* 5)
Year 11 NLLIA Level 4.5/5 (IELTS* 5)
Year 12 NLLIA Level 5 (IELTS* 5.5/6)

Entry Requirements Policy