Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2019

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Established in 1980, King's Christian College seeks to work in partnership with parents to educate students in Christian leadership for tomorrow's generation. We are a multi-faceted school and encourage students to seek out and discover where their individual gifts lie, and give them the opportunity to excel in many areas. Over the years, King's students have achieved highly in a wide range of activities.

A major focus is in the area of character development. Qualifications will open doors, but it is an individual's attitude and character that will often determine success in life. Many of the activities in the daily life of the College are designed to instill these attitudes and character traits.

Characteristics of the Student Body

The proportions of boys and girls from Prep to Year 12 and the number of Indigenous students for 2019 are below:

Reedy Creek Boys Girls
Prep-12 10861025
Indigenous 1314
Pimpama Boys Girls
Indigenous 45

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

King’s is a non-denominational co-educational Christian College. It offers a wide range of subjects and caters for both very advanced learners and students who need additional help. It has a comprehensive sporting program and an unusually wide range of co-curricular programs.

Extra Curricular Activities

High School

  • Bass Drop
  • Book Club
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Chapel Band
  • Card & Board Games
  • Chess
  • Drones Cameras & Vlogs
  • Da-Vinci Decathlon
  • Euro Board Games
  • Exploring Forensic Science
  • FitKIDS
  • Gentle Jogging
  • Junior Silent Study
  • Iron sharpens Iron
  • Mathematics Extension
  • IT Masterclass Programming
  • Mechatronics
  • Junior Silent Study
  • Model Building
  • Lower Primary Reading
  • Pilates
  • Man Up
  • Science = Art
  • Mathematics Tutoring
  • Science Extension
  • Literacy Success
  • PT in the Park
  • Senior Art Extension
  • Senior Silent Study
  • Sewing for Social Justice
  • This is Your Life
  • Senior Graphics & Tech Extension
  • Shine
  • Sporting Games & Activities
  • Strength & Stretch
  • Weight Training
  • Primary Sport Coaching (Basket/AF
  • Primary Sport Coaching (Soft/Crick/Touch)
  • All Schools Touch
  • Dance Performance Group
  • Drama Fest
  • Fraser Island Trip
  • Griffith Biology Program
  • Numeracy Success
  • Model Building
  • Maker fest
  • Missions – Philippines & India
  • Missions – Thailand
  • Missions – Japan
  • Senior Music Extension
  • Tutoring – A Team
  • Tuition
  • Sport – General Netball
  • Training
  • Sport – General Soccer Girls Training
  • Sport – General Soccer Boys Training
  • Sport – General Volley Girls & Boys
  • Sport – Girl’s Sevens Training
  • Sport – Netball Teams Training
  • Sport – Soccer Teams Training
  • Sport – Rugby Teams Training
  • Year 7 Literacy Success
  • Year 7 Numeracy Success
  • Year 8 Literacy Success
  • Year 8 Numeracy Success
  • Year 7 Peer Mentoring Program
  • Musical and Roving

Primary School

  • 3D Modelling & Construction
  • Advanced Dance Club
  • Adventure Time
  • Applelicious
  • Alice in Wonderland Jnr (Musical)
  • Board Games
  • Book Club
  • Card Making
  • Cheer Dancing
  • Chess
  • Club Health
  • Club Kidpreneur
  • Coloured Pencil Club
  • Comic Book Creations
  • Creative Journaling
  • CSI Club
  • Dance Club
  • Dr Joe's Science Club
  • Drama Games
  • Friendtastic
  • Golden Pencil Club
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hip Hop Dancing Club
  • iMotion
  • It's All About the Character
  • Japanese
  • Jnr Robotics
  • Knitting
  • Lego Creation
  • Mechatronics
  • Painting Club
  • Picture Book Writing & Illustrating
  • Science Explained
  • Shine Club
  • Skipping
  • STEM Club
  • Surfing
  • The Art of Design
  • Wildlife Warriors

The Social Climate of the School

The King’s Chaplaincy team is involved in a number of programs to support families both in and out of school, particularly focusing on families who have a need of additional support. This is done by a program of working with small groups providing safe places for students to go during break times, being involved in camping programs, organised activities and at times academic help to a limited level. Chaplains are involved in after-hours work assisting families in liaising with youth groups and responding to emergencies. They are also involved in assisting school staff with school activities such as after-hours surfing, excursion, preparation etc.

King’s has an anti-bullying and harassment policy which seeks to ensure that a positive College culture is maintained through community leadership, in the form of behavioural boundaries, while also providing the opportunity for spiritual redemption from the impact of sin for all members of the College community.

Parental Involvement

King’s was established to work in partnership with parents in educating their children. We strongly encourage parental involvement in the P&F, volunteer program and in the many sport, co-curricular and pastoral activities.

Parent, Teacher and Student Satisfaction With The School

Findings of surveys or studies of parents, students and teachers for the purpose of marketing and school improvement.

Contact for further Information

For general College information visit our website at
Stephen Wruck, Community Relations Manager, can be contacted on 07 5578 7600.

Staff Composition

The staffing composition is set out below:

Full-time Teaching Staff 6274
Part-time Teaching Staff 221
Full-time Non-teaching Staff 3071
Part-time Non-teaching Staff 3369
Indigenous Teaching Staff 0 0
Indigenous Non-Teaching Staff 0 1
PIMPAMA Male Female
Full-time Teaching Staff 1034
Part-time Teaching Staff 0 1
Full-time Non-teaching Staff 1020
Part-time Non-teaching Staff 725
Indigenous Teaching Staff 0 0
Indigenous Non-Teaching Staff 10

Qualifications of All Teachers*

Reedy Creek
% of classroom teachers and
school leaders at King's
Doctorate 0
Masters 12
Bachelor Degree 85
Diploma 13
Certificate 10
% of classroom teachers and
school leaders at King's
Doctorate 0
Masters 9
Bachelor Degree 83
Diploma 8
Certificate 0

*Some teaching staff have more than one qualification

Expenditure & Teacher Participation in Professional Development

The total funds expended on teacher professional development in 2019 were $280 182.75.

The major professional development initiatives were as follows:

  • Hillsong Colour Women’s Conference
  • Hillsong Conference
  • Various Staff Meetings and Planning Days
  • Various Independent Schools QLD Professional Development Days
  • Associated Christian Schools Leaders Conference
  • Middle Management Retreat
  • Crack the code sessions
  • The Global Leadership Summit
  • First Aid and CPR
  • EduTech Conference
  • ASBAQ Conference and Professional Development Days
  • Visible Wellbeing
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Mentoring - Ministry Team
  • Dr Anthony Muhammad - Professional Learning Communities at work
  • Restorative Practice Training
  • Enterprise Trainer - Presenter Skill Set
  • Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Leadership

The involvement of the teaching staff in professional development activities during 2019 was 98%.

Average Staff Attendance (Based on unplanned absences of sick and emergency leave periods of up to 5 days)

For permanent and temporary staff and school leaders, the staff attendance rate was 97% at Reedy Creek and 97% at Pimpama in 2017.

Proportion of Teaching Staff Retained from Previous Year

From the end of 2018, 87% of staff were retained for the entire 2019 school year.

Average Student Attendance Rate

The average attendance rate as a percentage in 2019 for Reedy Creek was 92.2% and Pimpama was 93.5%.

Average attendance rate in 2019
Year Level Reedy Creek Pimpama
Prep 92.492.9
1 93.392.6
2 92.794.9
3 93.293.2
4 94.194.2
5 92.293.5
6 91.592.2
7 92.294.7
8 90.8
9 92.0
10 90.9
11 90.9
12 91.7

Roll call is conducted at the beginning of each day. Where student absences are unexplained, parents are contacted by SMS.

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Benchmark Data

Below are the Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 National Test Results for 2019.

Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 9 State Average 576535580573589
National Average 580549582573592
King's 600553606590615
Year 7 State Average 545504544542550
National Average 545513 546542554
King's 561531567563576
Year 5 State Average 503 465495498493
National Average 506 474501 499 496
King's 526479530531529
Year 3 State Average 427413411433399
National Average 432423419440408
King's 459439450486447

Apparent Retention Rate

Year 12 student enrolment as a percentage of the Year 10 cohort for 2018 is 77.2 %.

Year 12 Outcomes

Total number of Senior Statements awarded 129
Number of students awarded a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement 0
Number of students awarded a Queensland Certificate of Education at the end of Year 12 122
Number of students awarded an International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) 0
Number of students awarded one or more Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications 108
Number of students who are completing or completed a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SAT) 26
Number of students who received an Overall Position (OP) 74
Percentage of OP/IBD students who received an OP1-15 or an IBD 91
Percentage of Year 12 students who are completing or completed a SAT or were awarded one or more of the following: QCE, IBD, VET qualification 98.4
Percentage or Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre applicants receiving a tertiary offer 93.4

Information Communication Technology Services

In 2019, the College’s 1 to 1 program in Years 5-12 continues to grow with an Apple device in the hands of 1628 students and 331 staff across the Reedy Creek and Pimpama campuses. Each Prep to Year 4 class has 10 shared iPads allocated to them at both campuses. Internet bandwidth has remained at 400/400 Mbit/s at Reedy Creek and Pimpama received a speed boost to 100/100 Mbit/s fibre connection. Anzac campus infrastructure was set up ready to use.

We have begun the consolidation of our communication and learning management platform,Compass, through consistent structuring of the environment for staff, parents and students.

Redesigns and discussions about further improvements have been ongoing and helped to develop a consistent communication framework for staff administration and student classes.

The Fabrication Lab (Fablab) and Innovation Hub (iHub) facilities across Pimpama and Reedy Creek continue to spark student curiosity across various real-world technologies including laser cutters, 3D printers and robotics which are encountered by students from Prep to Year 12. We also continue to innovate with Project-based learning using iPads and video technology to cross live between campuses for our Night at the Museum project and to parents during the Year 6 government project.

The government project saw us push the limits of what is possible with iPad, and succeed. During this project, we were able to use iPad as a vision switcher between live crosses to reporters interviewing candidates while broadcasting prerecorded campaign advertisements and capping it off with a multi-camera set up on the floor of our live parliament. All of this was live-streamed to parents and orchestrated by an amazing team of students. This type of setup ten years ago would not have been possible without incredibly expensive equipment and our students are achieving this with their one-to-one devices. I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with our team of visionary Year 6 teachers and students to make this possible.

Education faculty continue to attend a number of professional development opportunities such as Edutech, MTA robotics workshops and regularly attend the Gold Coast Digital Learning forums which have helped teachers to network and stay informed around pedagogies of learning and their synergy with the technological pace of change. We continued our strong relationship with Apple’s Education arm, who hosted numerous summits throughout the year including an annual two-day coding workshop as well as various on-site visits.

As a College, we again gained Apple Distinguished School recognition and our Head of Primary and Head of Secondary, Director of IT and Innovation and Primary Technologies coordinator attended the Apple Distinguished Schools Academy where we networked with other innovative schools and leaders. WE were among the first in the world to try a new lego robotics technology as well as hear from some innovative educators. Notable keynotes were given by Dr Amantha Imber of Inventium and Jason van Genderen, a professional filmmaker who solely uses iPhone as his means of production.

Mr Carl Hotko continues to work tirelessly to help create an environment where the safe, smart and responsible use of technology becomes the norm. An important step on the road to this goal is student participation and buy-in and this year, a number of students from both Reedy Creek and Pimpama, were impacted by the Digital Ambassador event, hosted by Project Rockit, a nationally recognised cyber-bullying organisation. Mr Hotko also attended the bi-annual eSafety conference hosted by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and distributed current research, findings and  advice on developing eSafety culture and protecting children online to staff in both Primary and Secondary across our campuses.

Next Step Survey 2019

In 2019, 91.3% of Year 12 completers from King's Christian College were engaged in education, training or employment in the year after they completed school. Of the 103 respondents, 75.7% continued in some recognised form of education and training. The most common study destination was bachelor degree. A further 15.5% transitioned directly into paid employment and no further study. All Year 12 completers were assigned to a main destination. Respondents who were both studying and working are reported as being in education or training, including apprentices and trainees.

Number of students who completed
Year 12 in 2019
Number of Respondents Response rate (%)
School Year 2017 % of students in each category
University (degree) 49.5
VET total (Cert IV & III, I-II, apprenticeship, traineeship) 26.3
Working full-time 4.9
Working part-time/casual 10.7
Seeking work 5.8
Not in the labour force, education or training 2.9
Total Year 12 students 131