Middle School

Middle School

Great changes occur in a person’s life during these years, and a dedicated middle school provides a bridge from the primary school environment to the self-directed senior school environment.

Middle school students have access to all of the specialist facilities in the high school, but also have their own dedicated area where most of their classroom activities take place.

Academic Program

Years 7 and 8 comprise a single two-year academic program. In addition to core subjects that are studied over the two years, students will also study a different ‘specialist’ subject each term. After two years of study, students will cover all of these subjects and will be able to choose those they wish to study in more detail in Year 9.

King’s Middle School seeks to provide an environment that:

  • builds greater independence and responsibility
  • prepares students by developing the specific academic skills required for success in senior studies
  • enhances social skills for positive community involvement
  • instills moral and ethical values that lay the foundations for strong character

In addition to an engaging academic program, students actively participate in:

  • chapel
  • sport
  • co-curricular
  • lunch time house competitions
  • annual year level camps
  • one-to-one laptop program
  • annual performing arts productions
  • community service
  • personal development opportunities

Senior School